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Courtney Calling : It's Okay to Not Be Okay

You know how we all listen to our friends problems and give them advice? Wouldn't it be cool if we could pick up the phone, call ourselves, and get the advice we give to others? We tend to be so much harder on ourselves, but always have positive advice for others.

After days of moping around, I've decided to jump on Shades of Happy because blogging makes me happy and I haven't blogged since getting into my bad mindset.

Over the past few days, I've been struggling emotionally. It mainly began because a few rough things happened. This brought me into the mindset of, "I don't feel like doing anything. I don't want to talk to anyone. I feel bad for myself."

This is a sensitive state of mind for me. I am usually a happy go lucky kind of girl and when I get in a state of upset-ness and anti-social-ness, I need to do a few things to get me back to my happy self.

*Ring, Ring* Courtney calling to give advice to Courtney

First things first, in a situation where you're upset and want to be alone, you have experience in this mindset and know what is best for you. I know some of your friends are just trying to help you out, but the person who knows you best is Courtney! We both know Courtney needs a little time to BE UPSET, CRY if she needs to, and wrap up in a blanket watching Netflix for a day or two. Let yourself do this. Let yourself feel all your emotions. It's okay to not be okay!

But, after a day or two, you need to snap out of it. You have an amazing life with amazing people who love you and support you! Things could be so much worse, but in a few weeks, these upsetting moments will be behind you!

This calls for a GIRLS DAY! Make plans with some girl friends!

Here's where it get's tricky though. Sometimes when your other friends see you out and about on a girls day, other friends want to spend time with you as well and start making plans. Being an introverted extravert = making too many plans WHILE you're in a state of "not the happiest Courtney" can really drain your energy and we will be back to square one. Just don't stress yourself out and exhaust your extraverted self. Having one or two nice, drama free girls days will be so good for you!

You need to get back into everything you love! You have been going to the gym more frequently again, which is helping you relax, and you even went to the pool at night for night swimming! Earlier today, you made some rice crispy treats and now you're blogging. You're on the path of being 100% again. I' m really proud of you (me) for recognizing when you need to pep up your step. I love that you know that you're not happy with how you're feeling, so you change it! It is okay to not be okay, but not being okay shouldn't last for a long time. I am glad you recognize that. Feel all your emotions, then pick yourself back up and have an amazing day!

Talk to you soon ;)


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