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To the people I've met along the way,

Call me silly, but I truly believe in the saying, "People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime."

To some of the people I've met along the way:

To a season: We became friends in middle school. I think you thought I was funny. Soon, I called you one of my best friends and we stuck together all through high school. We went on vacations together, had countless sleepovers, and laughed SO hard I would pee my pants. And yet, right when we graduated, it was like I had never been there for all the heart breaks, all the girls nights, and all the laughter. This friendship ended abruptly. It was strange though, because I felt at ease about this friendship ending. At the end of the day, I believe we were just drifting a part slowly without realizing it. Now it's been five years since I've spoken to you. I remember seeing you two years ago while I was visiting the town we went to school. You wouldn't know this, but on the inside I felt this ping of distant wonder and hurt. I wondered, "What ever did happen to us?.. Does she even recognize me? Does she even remember me?" On the outside though, I acted as if you were just another face in the crowd that I've never seen before. I think I should've just said hi. I should've asked you how you were and maybe I even should've thanked you. I should've thanked you for being there for me all through middle school and high school. So in a way, I think I can finally do that here. Thanks for the fun times, my best friend for only a season of my life.

To a reason: And then there is you. Why did you want to mess up a good thing in my life? I had never done anything to you. You tried hard to take away a piece of my happiness. You tried to convince me that there was someone in my life that shouldn't be. But then I realized, it was because you wanted that someone for yourself. You wanted to rip something away from me so you could have it for yourself. I want you to know that I truly felt sad for you that I had what you didn't, but here is the thing... I believe things happen for a reason and if something is meant to be yours, it will be. I almost let you scare me away from something that makes me so incredibly happy, but I am so happy I didn't. I could go into extremely detailed, messed up stories of how you tried to sabotage a good thing, but instead I will say this. You came into my life for a reason. You came into my life to prove to me that if I am a fighter. I will fight for what I believe is meant for me. You showed me that if we can get through sabotages that you set up, we can get through anything life throws at us. I am so sorry you didn't get what you wanted out of *attempting* to sabotage my life, but here is why it didn't work: it was not meant to be. It may be hard to understand now (even though it has been years), but you will see why it never worked for you. I wish you happiness, but I wish you that happiness FAR FAR away from me. At the end of the day, I want to THANK YOU for showing me that he really is meant for me and we are so so so strong together.

To another reason: You make me so angry when I think about you. You and I became friends. I like to say we both thought each other were funny, so we got along great. I remember how close I had gotten to you, but then things went south when you confessed to me that you loved me more than just a friend. Things went south because I did not feel the same way. Months go by and I start getting these awful, upsetting text messages from you about how I am unlovable, disgusting, too happy (wow didn't think that was a negative description), etc. I shouldn't, but I still have all those text messages that hurt me so badly. Even though I didn't feel the same way towards you romantically, I considered you a good friend. Of course you pointing out my flaws and telling me how I will never be loved would hurt my feelings. You my friend, lost a really good friend. I think you realized that as months gone by and I still hadn't spoken to you. I remember having lost a lot of confidence during this time. The worst part was that he then began spreading lies to my coworkers that we shared, telling them how I am "obsessed with him" and that "I need to be scheduled at different times because he needed me to stay away from him." Quickly, I realized that if he can lie and deceive all my coworkers, I can at least tell my coworkers the truth and clear my name. I realized I couldn't just feel bad for myself. I realized I can't let mean people always get away with being mean, especially when it comes to my job. You came into my life to show me that not all people will end up being how they are in the beginning. You also brought my confidence down, which pushed me to rebuild my confidence and love myself harder.

To a lifetime: Hi old friend. It has been about twenty years since I've met you. I like to think of us as the lucky ones. It's not everyday that a two year old meets another two year old and just live their entire lives with that person by their side. Believe it or not, it happened to us and we are living that. We've been through a lot together, huh? The break ups, sleepovers, lemonade stands, music videos we created, roller skating every weekend, and the constant laughter. I'm pretty blessed to be one of the only people you will sing your heart out with. I'm pretty blessed to have you in my life still. I know I moved farther away, but our whole lives we've been prepping for this, even when we didn't realize it. Thinking about it, we have always been long distance best friends since we went to different schools growing up so me living far away didn't even phase us. I can't wait until we get to celebrate us getting married, when we have kids, when our kids become friends, and when we grow old together. I really got THAT lucky to have met you just when my life was starting, huh? I guess you got pretty lucky too. I'll always be there for you, my lifetime bestfriend.

One more

To a hopeful lifetime: Hi. I know I am a little early to be writing this to you, but I just have a really good feeling about this. When I first saw you, I knew I had to talk to you. I still can't believe I even had the courage to speak to you, but I'm so glad I did. It's been almost two years now. You have filled my life with laughter, adventure, yummy food, and cuddles. Everything is just right with you. You make feel so beautiful and loved. You calm me down when I am angry and you make me smile even on my saddest days. I cherish everyday I get to spend with you. When I look at you, I can see my future. So here I am, hoping and praying that you have come into my life and will be staying here with me forever. I love you with all my heart, honey bunny.

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