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What Led Up to Shades of Happy?

A lot of things led up to Shades of Happy. It all probably started years ago when my dad first gave me my own domain to create a blog when I was around fourteen. I remember not really figuring out how to work it and didn't know what to write. I should've kept up with it, but I didn't. Years pass by and I want to create a blog for fun! My problem was that I would begin creating a blog, and then completely dismiss it for months. It felt as though I enjoyed creating the layout of my website, but then would lose interest when it was time to publish the website and actually post blogs. It seemed like a reoccurring theme for me, completely dismissing ideas and projects after messing around with it for a few days. This happened with blogging, YouTube, and whole bunch of other things. Sometimes I wish I could easily pick up a hobby and get a lot of support immediately. When I say support, I mean viewers, readers, fans of my work. It's hard getting your name out there, but it is even harder to get your name out there if you're constantly DISMISSING the project for months. I know I would've probably stuck with these hobbies if I had viewers immediately, but that is not how it works. You build and build and build your platform until finally, you're getting noticed.

So how did I finally get to Shades of Happy? I had been slowly opening up every few months, posting one blog, rearranging the website, and then dismissing it another few months. Life felt busy. I was in college online, working for Disney, and being a social butterfly. But, then, a pandemic hits. I become a furloughed Disney cast member. At first, it felt nice to live a little more in slow motion. I was actually getting to do a few more things that I use to enjoy doing everyday like working out, going on walks, being outdoors, and laying by the pool. Waking up at whatever time and letting the days merge together became the new daily routine.

None of us thought the pandemic would still be going on by July. I started to get antsy now. I enjoyed my little "break" from the fast lane of life, but I was ready to get back to one of my favorite things I'm doing in my life right now, which was working for Disney. To be honest with you, I felt as though I needed to be doing something and began to feel antsy. Boredom was getting the best of me. I'm glad it did, because boredom led to something I am now SO proud of now.

I began drawing again. I used to draw so much. In fact, in high school, I had decided that I would go to college to become a graphic designer. I changed my major after a lot of people convinced me that it would be really hard for me to get a job within graphic design around where we live (If only I knew I would move to Florida and work for Disney...), but I am very happy with the major I have decided on, which is Communications in Media.

Although this pandemic has been the strangest time in my life and many other peoples lives, I have found good things through it. My relationship grew stronger, I've had time to slow down and talk to my best friend almost daily, and I found a way to turn my fun hobbies into more than just a hobby.

I decided to DIVE in head first with Shades of Happy. I wanted this website to show my happiness and positive outlook on life. I want people to come here to find honest, positive advice from a positive perspective. I want to write about anything and everything and I am so excited to. After I made my website, I felt like there needed to be more, which is when I thought of creating a sticker shop!

Why not combine things I love: designing, writing, and drawing into one place? So here we are, my blog.

School starts soon, I am still furloughed, and I am excited and nervous for what's to come in my future.

I hope you enjoy the inside scoop of Courtney's thoughts every once in a while.

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