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Just a small town girl moving to a Disney world...

The email told me I didn’t get accepted. A big LOL in my face. Defeated, I felt defeated. Well, back to the drawing board. I guess I wasn’t meant to go to Disney.


WRONG. DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!! I was not going to give up this new chapter of my story book!!!



A few days later, I felt a sharp pain corse through my back, and as I tried to get out of bed, I fell to the ground in pain. Doctor appointments and hospitals became a daily visit for the next eight months.


The beginning of 2017 was probably the hardest experience I’ve went through emotionally and physically when I had to be put through procedures and surgeries to get rid of cysts. I can confidently say this was the most excruciating pain I have physically ever felt. As I type this, my body aches thinking about this pain. So along with feeling like I was at a stand still in life, I was literally at a “lay” still because I was on bed rest for a few months for recovery.

I felt numb towards excitement and unfortunately focused so much on the pain that I felt daily.


Two months into this process, applications for Disney College Program were going on again.

I applied again, with a mind set of “if I get it, great. If I don’t, great.”


Online interview, pass.

Phone interview, results pending.


Another month of numbness went by. All I kept receiving was bad news, I was so anxious to get good news anywhere I could find it. Absentmindedly, I checked my email like I did everyday, but with no expectations. That’s when I got another email that read “Congratulations, you are going to work for Walt Disney World.” This email was the start of something so new and exciting and it would only be the beginning.


But with everything going on, would I even be able to move and go for the internship?


Timing must be everything because I was cleared to move and go by the doctors TWO days before I needed to begin my trip.


I really do believe timing is everything. If I had been accepted for the internship the first time around, I would’ve had to deal with surgeries and doctors while living in Florida and probably would’ve ended up moving back home.

The move

This was my first time I would be living independent. Not only was I living independently, I was living 11 hours away from my family and friends. This big personality girl needed a place with big surroundings and big personality. I got what I was looking for.


I’m not going to lie to you though, I was so terrified of being alone in a new place. But imagine how excited I was?

To celebrate my newly found independence, I decided to go skydiving alone the second day I moved to Florida. The whole experience was exhilarating and to do it alone made it that much more meaningful to me. I’ll never have to look back and say “oh I did this with some people I don’t talk to anymore,” I get to tell people how I celebrated my big move by jumping out of an airplane all by myself!!


Months later, I asked my parents if they were shocked that I would do so well living independently in Florida. My dad told me “I always knew you would end up somewhere as loud as you. You were meant to end up something this perfect for you.” Although my mom was sad I was loving life so much SO far away from her, she knew how happy I was. Little did she know that moving away from each other would bring us so close together. Our relationship became stronger than ever and I would call her everyday to tell her all about my new adventure.


So here it is, the story behind my big move.

I was at a stand still. Have you ever had the feeling that you were meant to do bigger things and be somewhere bigger than where you have been for so long? Once I graduated high school, I knew that it was time for a big change of scenery, but I wasn’t sure if I would ever have that change.

I remember the exact moment I found what I was supposed to do next. It was a restless night, around 3am when I was scrolling on Facebook and saw an ad for Disney College Program. I had never heard of it before. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the ad and immediately a new chapter was created in my story book. Within the next few days, I did an online interview, and then continued on to a phone interview. The phone interview was the moment I realized that I could potentially be moving to Florida to work for Walt Disney World. Having never lived away from home before, this would be the biggest change for myself, family, and friends.

A few months later, in November 2016, I got the email I had been waiting for that would change my whole life. Imagine this bright eyed, anxious girl constantly refreshing her email to see if Disney had emailed her back to tell her she was about to go on a big new adventure. Imagine how it must have felt to FINALLY see an email from Disney. It was finally my turn to see where this could lead.

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